Friday, 18 Oct 2019
Category: Career

College Scholarship

College scholarships are plentiful, yes, but it’s the acquiring of them, that is the obstacle. Why not listen to a different approach to acquiring enough capital to put you or your child through college. If the costs of everyday life weren’t enough already, reaching for additional funds to place your child or yourself through college […]

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College Career Counseling

College career counseling starts with an initial consultation. Professionals meet face to face with a student to learn more about his or her background and future goals. Before the meeting, a questionnaire is completed with basic information about the student including current area of study, work experience, and outside activities and associations. The information on […]

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College Admission Success

Frequently, the college admissions process seems quite impersonal, but there are many interactions with college representatives, admissions officers, alumni and high school teachers. This is where manners and appropriate behavior play a role. Read on to find out the five areas of college admissions where manners do matter: Teacher recommendations Students usually ask high school […]

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